Visit the Marche: 10 places and villages to see absolutely

What to visit in MARCHE: 10 places and villages to visit absolutely

What to visit in Marche: Guide to the most important places and locations


Marche is a versatile region with regard to tourism, as it owns both beautiful historical places in the mountains and equally suggestive seaside resorts

Here are some places that you should definitely visit in the Marche:


1. Piazza del popolo (Ascoli) – Distance from the farm km. 183

is a famous square in the Renaissance style of the city of Ascoli Piceno.La Square is also completely paved with slabs of polished travertine appearing clear and luminous, in case of rain assumes a suggestive mirror effect. Visit Marche , Find out more

2. The caves of Frasassi – Distance from the farm km. 58

The caves of Frasassi are underground karst caves located in the province of Ancona. The complex of the caves falls within the regional Natural Park. Visit Marche, for < a href = "" > discover more

3. Palazzo Ducale di Urbino – Distance from the farm km. 38

The ducal Palace of Urbino, located at the side of the cathedral, is one of the most interesting architectural and artistic examples of the entire Italian Renaissance and is home to the National Gallery of Marche. The Ducal palace, owned by the Italian state, is one of the most visited monuments in the region and is the theatre of museum, musical and artistic events. Historic building not to be missed if you want to visit brands visit, < a href = "" > go to the website .

4.Pesaro – Distance from the farm km. 40

Capital with Urbino, overlooking the sea and crossed by the Foglia River, Pesaro is a seaside and industrial centre located between two coastal hills: the San Bartolo and the Ardizio; Its historic centre is rich in monuments, especially in the Renaissance period. It is known by the nickname of City of the bicycle, because of the vast network of cycle paths extended on its territory. Visit Marche, < a href = "" > Go to the municipality

5.Ancona – Distance from the farm km. 73

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it has one of the largest Italian ports. , is one of the main economic centers of the region. Stretching towards the sea, the city rises on a promontory that protects the largest natural port of the central Adriatic. Visit Marche,vai al comune

6.Fano-distance from the farm km. 15

The city, famous for its carnival, the oldest in Italy. Fano is surrounded to the northwest by the gently sloping hills near the river Arzilla, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the coastline is divided into Lido and Saxony. Visit Marche, Go to the Proloco

7.Macerata – Distance from the farm km. 117

It rises in the hills between the river Potenza and the Chienes. The city still retains renaissance and medieval features and buildings. The city is characterized by a certain quality of life that makes it one of the most livable cities thanks to the many “green” points located in different areas. Visit Marche, < a href = "" > Go to the municipality

8.Senigallia – Distance from the farm km. 33

It is one of the main tourist resorts of the Marche, attracting visitors from every part of Italy and Europe, also thanks to the famous beach called “Velvet”. From 1997 Senigallia, the Blue flag is uninterruptedly adorned, which guarantees quality of bathing water, attention to environmental management, information to the user, services and safety at the beach. Visit brands, < a href = "" > Go to the municipality

9.Gradara – Distance from the farm km. 43

It is located in the hinterland of the Riviera Marche-Romagna, not far from the sea and with a pleasant hilly landscape that makes it a backdrop. It is known above all for its historic Rocca Malatesta, which together with its fortified village and its walls are a characteristic example of medieval architecture. Visit brands, < a href = "" > go to the Proloco

10.Gola del Furlo – Distance from the farm km. 23

Beautiful nature Reserve, ideal for spending a day in the open air. The view of the mountains and the river are nothing short of sensational. The river has a crystal clear water and in many sections you can also take a bath. Along the river there are also areas where you can stop for a picnic. Visit Marche, visit the page < a href = "" > web

Visiting Marche is definitely one of the experiences to be done in life.

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